There is a heart beating in the heart of the city of London. St. Paul cathedral in central London. This unique area of the city is center of tourism, culture, religion for every day of the year. One of its undeniable attractions is that little piece of Rome that lives and breathes at the Yager Bar.

The AS ROMA UK. A club born almost out of a bet set by three individuals who carry the AS ROMA colors in their hearts and that wish every AS ROMA supporters a chance to unite in one place to watch their favorite team play. So every sunday, under the dome, all kinds of people from all over the world gather to cheer in support of AS ROMA. The dedication and passion to this team given by the supporters is astonishing.

Do you live in London? Are you here for work or just for holidays? Why restrain yourself from watching Roma? Come and watch the team play with us. We guarantee you a stadium atmosphere with a fresh beer, worthy of the best pubs of London. Share with us glory and grief as an AS ROMA supporter. We are waiting for you! Now more than ever: FORZA ROMA!